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The Fendt IDEAL App

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Fendt IDEAL - Machine of the year 2018

Machine of the year 2018 - Audience Choice Award

Fendt IDEAL double-winner of "2018 Machine of the Year"

press release

Different. Better. Ideal.
Recolour your Harvest.

Fendt IDEAL. A combine, developed from a blank sheet of paper and with no limits, designed to open up new horizons in productive harvests. For the needs of professional farmers and contractors both today and in the future. An innovative threshing system, which always delivers the most efficient output and the cleanest results in any crop type and under any conditions. A machine which makes best use of even the shortest harvest window, with uncompromising quality and absolute reliability. An intelligent technology carrier which gives you an unparalleled harvest experience thanks to high-tech sensor systems and intelligent networking.

A threshing system without equal.

The complete new helix processor lies at the heart of the Fendt IDEAL. Two rotors with an enormous length of 4.85 m each provide perfect grain and straw quality. The material generates huge centrifugal force at a much lower rotor speed, but remains in the rotor for longer. Grains are therefore separated intensively and reliably, and straw is protected at the same time.

The rotors are always optimally fed by the feed rollers via the synchronised drive. The helix-shaped arrangement of the rotor fingers and the finger concaves ensure perfect threshing results.The dual helix processor needs up to 50% less power than other systems, and is only adjusted through the engine speed and concave clearance. Achieving the perfect result was never easier.

Simplicity and ingenuity always in the right balance.

Why complicate things when they could be so much easier.

IDEALbalance™ is part of the new intelligent cleaning system, which you’ll only find on the Fendt IDEAL. Two specially moulded return floors have perfect control over the crop flow from the rotors to the preparation floor,while using the floor’s full length. For optimal loading. The concave return floors without moving parts compensate for slopes of up to 15°, solely through their radically new and innovative design. This enhances the overall effect of the cleaning system without the operator having to make endless adjustments

A new dimension in automation.

IDEALharvest™ is an unprecedented real-time visualisation of the crop flow in the machine. 52 acoustic mass sensors (MADS) along the rotors and the shaker shoe enable precise recording and positioning of the crop flow.

And what’s more: Due to the interplay between rotor and shaker shoe, and the positioning of grain, IDEALharvest™ can detect losses from the outset on the rotor, and can anticipate losses so that they don’t occur in the first place.

Fendt IDEAL sets new benchmarks in the field of automated machine adjustment. The threshing quality is visualised at any time by the real-time values of the installed sensors and the grain quality camera.

Using the IDEALharvest™ app for tablets, you can select your favoured harvest strategy within a triangle. Minimisation of cracked grain, minimisation of foreign bodies, or minimisation of grain losses. For example, the Fendt IDEAL continuously adjusts the concave clearance or rotor speed to suit the selected strategy.


A grain tank, made for excellent yields.

With the Streamer 210, the Fendt IDEAL offers incredible capacity of 17,100 litres, and is therefore equipped for exceptional yields.Alongside the huge capacity, the Fendt IDEAL can discharge up to 210 l/s. You can also conveniently use the ScrollSwing on the joystick to define the position of the discharge auger and to transfer from any position.

In order that the crop is also preserved when transferring, the lockable streamer gates feed the material flexibly whilst preserving the quality.The transfer width is up to 10.6 m. The increased distance to the auger flightings and the lower speed carry the crop carefully but very quickly to the trailer.

Leave behind an impression with the perfect footprint

TrakRide crawler track offer ideal comfort and the best possible soil protection. With a width of up to 910 mm or 36'' per treadbar, you distribute weight onto a contact area of up to 2.9 m2. To increase comfort, TrakRide has the latest hydraulic suspension technology. All ball bearings run in an oil bath. This involves no maintenance work.

The main frame is only 1.4 m wide for fast and uncomplicated road driving at up to 40 km/h. The Fendt IDEAL with 800/70 R38 tyres or 600 mm (26'') wide treadbars therefore remains below an outer width of 3.3 m. With 760 mm (30'') wide treadbars, the width is less than 3.5 m, regardless of whether the machines use tracks or wheels. Thanks to large tyres or tracks and a very short outer width, no other combine distributes its weight as carefully on the ground as the Fendt IDEAL.

Maintenance work becomes secondary.

In order that daily maintenance work doesn’t keep you away from the harvest for long, the Fendt IDEAL has an innovative cooling system. AirSense® cooling takes in air at the top and therefore the cleanest point of the machine. The reversible fan automatically changes the fan’s blade setting at fixed intervals, and therefore blows the radiator clear.The engines therefore always run at optimal temperature, and blowing out the radiator manually is a thing of the past. The Fendt IDEAL engines come from AGCO Power or MAN. 450 to 650 HP drive the machines and provide infinite power and exceptional fuel efficiency,impressing with their reliability.

Experience the ideal harvest from the front row.

Experience the longest and hardest harvesting days from the comfort of the new Vision Cab. With 5.75 m2 Glass sections give you a perfect view of even the widest headers. The high-performance automatic air-conditioning system, the leather operator's seat, and an extensive LED lighting module make work as pleasant as possible. The noise level is low at 73 db.

Fendt Variotronic allows easy, intuitive operation of the Fendt IDEAL. All functions are controlled from the armrest. The Varioterminal 10.4" presents all information and can be personalised according to the operator’s requirements. An additional dashboard always gives information on the key machine data such as speed, engine speed and much more.

The Fendt IDEAL Brochure